PUBLISHED: 05/01/2022
UPDATED: 05/01/2022

Yudy Uzin

Meet Yudy a young Bolivian gamer girl with a promising future.

Who is Yudy?

Yudy Uzin Alba, better known as Yudy, is a video game streamer of Bolivian nationality, she is currently 18 years old. He was born on January 8, 2006 in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

He started his activities as a streamer ago 3 years) in FacebookGamingSpecifically, their first live show was in October 2020 with games of Among Us and FreeFire. Ended the 2021 with more than half a million followers on the platform.

Personal information

  • Real name: Yudy Uzin Alba
  • Place of birth: Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  • Birthday: January 8, 2006
  • Current age: 18 years
  • astronomical sign: Capricorn

Physical appearance

  • Height: 1.60m
  • Eye color: coffee
  • Hair color: dark coffee
  • Skin color: brunette white

Social networks

Their official accounts are:

FacebookYudy677 thousand
instagramyudy_uzin13 thousand
Last update: 05/01/2022

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