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Marina Mui

Know everything about Marina Mui: Date of birth, full name, curiosities, official social networks, likes, personal data, physical characteristics, photos, videos and more.

Who Marina Mui?

Marina Serr, better known on social networks as Marina Mui either itsmuimui, is a model, influencer and cosplayer, Instagram star of Spanish nationality. currently has 29 years old. was born on October 8 1994 in the city of Seville, Spain.


He began his activities as a public figure on the Internet during the year 2013. Year in which he began publishing photographs and videos instagram, its official social network with the most followers.

She is famous for being an alternative model and belonging to Suicide Girl as a creator of entertainment content for adults. She is also a lover of cosplay and has several photo shoots of this style.

About Marina Mui

These are some of your most relevant personal data.

  • Real name: Marina Serr
  • Alias: Marina Mui, itsmuimui
  • Place of birth: Sevilla Spain
  • Place of residence: Barcelona, Spain
  • Birthday: 177 days left
  • Current age: 29 years
  • Birthdate: 08 October 1994
  • astronomical sign: Pound
  • ethnicity: European
  • Sex: Female
  • Occupation: Cosplayer, Influencer, Model
  • Activity time: 11 years (2013-present)

Contact Marina Mui

Physical appearance

  • Height: 1.48m (4′8″)
  • Weight: 55kg (121lb)
  • Eye color: Blues
  • Hair color: dark brown
  • Skin color: White

Social networks

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Videos of Marina Mui

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Photos of Marina Mui

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Frequent questions

What is the real name of Marina Mui?

Your real name is Marina Serr.

How old are you Marina Mui?

Marina Mui has 29 years old.

What is the date of birth of Marina Mui?

Marina Mui was born on October 8, 1994.

When is the birthday of Marina Mui?

177 days left for the birthday of Marina Mui.

What is the zodiac sign of Marina Mui?

His zodiac sign is Pound.

how tall are you Marina Mui?

Marina Mui measure 1.48m (4′8″) of height.

how much does it weigh Marina Mui?

Marina Mui weight 55kg (121lb).

Where it is Marina Mui?

Marina Mui born in Sevilla Spain.

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