Barbie Nunezt

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Who is Barbie Nuñezt?

Her real name is Bárbara Nuñez Treviño, better known as Barbie Nunezt , she is a 26-year-old Mexican tiktoker and influencer. He was born on April 19, 1997 in the city of Monterrey , Mexico .

He started his activities as an influencer on the Chinese social network TikTok 3 years ago. Specifically, he uploaded his first video on March 28, 2020 .

In just over 1 year, he gained more than 5 million followers on his social networks with millions of views and reactions on his videos.

She currently has her own clothing line at and is still active on TikTok and Instagram , her main social networks.

Personal information

  • Full name: Barbara Nuñez Trevino
  • Aliases: Barbie Nuñezt
  • Place of birth: Monterrey, Mexico
  • Cumpleaños: Faltan 204 días
  • Date of birth: April 19, 1997
  • Current age: 26 years
  • astronomical sign: Aries
  • Ethnicity: Latin American
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation: Influencer
  • Active time: 3 years (2020-present)
  • Studies: Industrial Systems Engineering

Physical appearance

  • Height: 1.73m (5'5")
  • Weight: 56 kg
  • Eye color: Light brown
  • Hair Color: Brown Brown
  • Skin color: White brunette


  • They are afraid of owls.
  • He has no tattoos.
  • His favorite superhero is Iron Man .
  • In his spare time he likes to exercise.
  • Her favorite YouTuber is HolaSoyGerman .

Social networks

Platform followers
TikTok 6.1 million
Instagram 1.2 million
Youtube 10 thousand
Última actualización: 02/08/2022

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Frequent questions

What is Barbie Nunezt's real name?

Barbara Nunez Trevino

How old is Barbie Nunezt?

Barbie Nunezt is 26 years old .

What is the date of birth of Barbie Nunezt?

Barbie Nunez was born on April 19, 1997 .

When is Barbie Nunezt's birthday?

Faltan 204 días para el cumpleaños de Barbie Nunezt.

What is Barbie Nunezt's zodiac sign?

His zodiac sign is Aries .

How tall is Barbie Nunezt?

Barbie Nunezt is 1.73m (5′6″) tall.

How much does Barbie Nunezt weigh?

Barbie Nunezt weighs 56kg (123lbs) .

Where is Barbie Nunezt from?

Barbie Nunezt was born in Monterrey , Mexico .

Last update: 08/02/2022